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Sex Offender Programming

The attached link is from the Correctional Service of Canada’s web site, Correctional Program department, and is about sex offender programming provided by CSC.


After reading the program description, decide for yourself, if after a sex offender takes this course, would you feel comfortable with them moving into your community without added protection, or is the program enough to make you feel safe.  Also consider that when one of these sex offenders who has taken the program, escapes, or does not report to his community parole officer, the Police in the community always lists them as dangerous.  Never do they say, “Don’t worry they took a sex offender program.”

Of interest is that the program is divided into intensity levels of High, Moderate of Low intensity, and lets not forget about the maintenance program that is often suggsted. I for one do not fell that any convicted sex offender, still under sentence, has any place in the community until warrant expire, and then they need to be placed on a trackable database, for all to monitor.  Right now they are in our community, attending community events, and there is very little monitoring on them.  The focus appears to be on the rights of the sex offender and not on the rights of the most vulnerable members of society.

Again review this material and you decide.

Sex offenders risk managed in the community.

Electronic Monitoring and Tampering.

The attached 2 news articles are of an individual described by Police as a “potentially violent high-risk sex offender.”  This individual was on court-released conditions, when he cut off his electronic monitoring bracelet, threw it away and fled.  So what good is the electronic monitoring system? Opponents of electronic monitoring of sex offenders can use this situation to show that this technology builds a false sense of security. But is this correct?

My position is that electronic monitoring bracelets, while vulnerable to this sort of action, actually perform, as they are suppose to.  The moment that it is cut, or tampered with, an alarm is raised, so the police automatically know. Further the system will shows where the wearer is at the time they tampered with it, thus giving Police a jumping off point to begin their search or warning of residents in the area.

Now consider this same individual on the same release without any electronic monitoring system.  At best he would have condition to report to Police once a day, stay away from certain areas, contact restrictions, and some other conditions.  The only difference is, that once he checks in with the Police, he basically has a 24 hour window of opportunity before anyone would now that something was wrong, because unless arrested he does not check in again for 24 hours.

While not perfect, the system performed, as it should.  With the ability to program areas that the wearer must stay away from, real time tracking, and possibly house arrest features, all meant to track and ensure public safety, society is in a position to know sooner rather then hours later, and possibly saving or preventing someone else from becoming a victim(s). This technology needs to be expanded to all sex offenders in the community or with community contact.  We owe it to the vulnerable members of society to fight for their protection.



Sex offender walks away from Prison

The attached link, and I must apologize, has to be copied and paste into your URL.  This links is about an individual described as a “Violent Sex Offender” by Police, who had walked away not once but twice from a prison in Canada.  Although this happened in May 2013, I use it as an example as to why we have a need for tighter controls and electronic monitoring on all sex offenders with potential community contact. The fact that an individual with his record was able to achieve this, is alarming.  One has to wonder how many other violent sex offenders are there in close proximity to the community. 


Sex offenders in the community

When anyone thinks of sex offenders in prison, the image that comes to mind is that of them behind bars removed from society and no longer being able to harm anybody.  For many sex offenders this is not the case. With placements in minimum-security prison and halfway houses these individuals are afforded the opportunity to once again mingle with society including its most vulnerable through community escorts.  For these sex offenders, when they go out into the community, they are not always under the supervision of Correctional Officers or Correctional Service of Canada employees, but rather under the supervision of a citizen volunteer.  That rights a volunteer from the community. Also worthy of mention is that some of these inmates being escorted by volunteer citizens come from medium security prisons.  Is this what victims believed to be how the sentence would be served?


As stated many times before, sex offenders who take programs as dictated by their correctional plan, are not cured, at best it can only be said they attended the program, no measuring of success.  So lets now compound the fact that these sex offenders, who it can be argued are untreated, are now out with a volunteer community member.  For the majority of these community members, they are seniors, or retired, believing they are performing a valuable service.  These civilians are not peace officers, not armed, not trained like a Correctional Officer, who receives proper training, and really have no responsibility to intercede in the unlawful activity of the sex offender beyond calling the Police. Once again the Police become the one’s expected to deal with this issue, an issue that is preventable.


It is my position that all sex offenders, in either a minimum-security prison or halfway houses, need to have electronic monitoring bracelets attached so as to track them. Remember they are in facilities where they can at any time just decide to walk away, and in many cases are not detected missing for hours. For those deemed to need an escort, it needs to be fully trained Correctional Officer. Further any sex offender coming out of a medium security facility should at minimum be by an armed Correctional Officer in restraint equipment. We owe it to all victims and the vulnerable members of society to ensure the utmost of public safety.