by prforcanadians

The release of the US Senate Report on the torture of detainees, gives us all an opportunity to examine the connection between war and our value system. At the heart of the report is the question of our values. Those that have judged have done so with the strict interpretation of our value system, never wanting it to be called into question. The question that needed to be asked was, do we fight a war without overstepping our values, or do we fight a war to keep our value system. While both sides of the debate are philosophically right, the reality is we fight to maintain our way of life and values.

911 was the most evil act against innocent people. Americans and the world demanded action. The protection of citizens, our freedom and values were at the heart of the war against the terrorists. To accomplish this, it required those that perpetrated this crime be brought to justice, and the only way to do so was by taking the war to them and destroying them.

Wars can never be fought with our value system being the guiding principle. If this was so, we would never go to war, because based on our value system we would never want to harm or kill anyone.

The acts in question occurred against terrorist, that sought to harm us or had knowledge of harm to come to us. The governments in question did what was necessary for the protection of its citizens, our way of life and our value system, which the terrorists so much despise. Difficult times called for special techniques, to acquire information for our protection.

While the CIA is being dragged through the mud for this, the reality is that they did what was required of them by their nation for our continual survival, enjoyment of our value system and way of life. If anyone feels that the war against the terrorist should have been fought only using our value system, they need to sit down and re-watch the 911 videos of the planes crashing into the towers, the pentagon and Pennsylvania.   The images of innocence loss, people jumping out of the towers, and the thousands of families who will never see there loved one again is proof enough that this can never happen again. No one asked for this tragic event to occur, but everyone wanted a response. If only one attack was prevented from all the techniques applied it was worth it. None of us deserver to ever be subjected to this kind of terror again. The terrorist made their choice, so they have to live with the results.