Who is really holding the carrot?

by prforcanadians


As the international community has been hoping that its carrot and stick approach to dealing with Iran would pay off, the reality is that they have unloaded the wagon of all-bargaining power, and have nothing to show for it.  Iran for its part jumped at the initial offer, filled their coffers, stocked up on what they needed, and in exchange only made promises, giving up nothing.

Now Iran is looking for an extension to the deal.  Having positioned themselves as rational players, they are now demanding an extension citing that they have complied. In reality, Iran has maintained its pile of weapons grade material, and if they choose to, can restart or excel its enrichment program anytime, having lost nothing.

Sitting on the sidelines watching this is Israel. While the international community can claim to have Israel’s back, Israel is the only one in immediate proximity, as well as the recipient of repeated threats by Iran with being “wiped off the face of the earth.”  So where does this place Israel?  Regardless of the international communities actions, Israel remains the only one who can claim the right of unilateral action.  Just as America has the right to be pre-emptive in defending itself so to does Israel in deciding their course of action against Iran. 

The question that has to be asked, who is holding the carrot leading whom?