A Bi-Polar Social Mentality

A Bi-Polar Social Mentality.

How we have come a long way.  When I was a kid, almost everywhere you went you could find cigarette vending machines, or shops who would sell you cigarettes by the pack or individually, so your parents would not know you were smoking.

Today smoking is so taboo, that places that sell tobacco products have to hide it behind the counter, and also under cover of some form, so it is not visible. Out of sight out of mind.  While this logic is somewhat understandable you would think the same thing would apply to other products of this nature.

Consider that walking through many malls or stores, the same group that we are trying to protect from tobacco, are today overwhelmed with sights of bongs, roach clips and other drug paraphernalia.

While it is understandable that a society wants to protect its youth from possible harm, the same should apply to drug paraphernalia.