Rushing to the table.

by prforcanadians

If sanctions described as crippling could not slow down the Iranian rush for the bomb, what makes anyone think that a negotiated deal will? 

Lets remember that while under international sanctions, Iran was able to carry on massive military maneuvers, threaten to close the Straight of Hormuz, continued to build new missile technology, build new naval boats, build drones, threaten Israel and continue to build on its nuclear bomb technology. How crippling could the sanctions have been?

My theory is that the sanctions were a failure.  The international community frustrated by Iran and worried about Israel’s promise to “go it alone,” decided to try a new strategy. Rushing to the negotiation table, they laid out all kinds of offerings.  Iran having nothing to lose, attended the meetings, took whatever was offered, gave little in return, and at the same time continues on its quest for the bomb. All the while beating down the clock.

Unfortunately this has done nothing to reduce Iran’s chances at getting the bomb.  Sincerity on Iran’s part, would have had them turning over all enriched material, beyond what is need for peaceful purposes, to a third party country. They did not, and have no intentions of doing so.

Iran’s quest for the bomb will now be accelerated; as it knows the international community is running out of options. I think we all know how this will end.