Iran argues the deal

by prforcanadians

The ink has not even dried on the nuclear deal, and Iran is already at odds with the meaning of the deal.  For Iran they claim the deal is a validation of their right to acquire nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.  The United States, does not appear to support this claim.

So why is Iran doing this?  Simply put, Iran wants the bomb. Iran will manipulate every situation it can so as to run down the clock and inch closer to the bomb.  Just as North Korea was successful at this game, so too will be Iran, if we are not careful.  How many times did the international community waived sanctions on North Korea, only to have them return to their nuclear ambitions?

If sanctions were having the effect of crippling Iran, they would have gladly returned to the international community, dropping their nuclear ambition.  Iran was not crippled and only expedited their nuclear ambition. As for building nuclear sites for peaceful purposes, Iran could have agreed to have a neutral country remove all weapons grade material that the peaceful reactors create.  But they want the bomb.

All evidence indicates that Iran will continue on its quest for the bomb.  A more appropriate action would have been to impose the same conditions on Iran as the world did on Syria.  Turn over all weapons grade material or the sanctions stay and get turned up.  One way or another, the world will have to deal with either a nuclear Iran or pre-nuclear bomb Iran.