A Nuclear deal, or borrowed time?

by prforcanadians

The world would like to believe that the deal brokered, would put an end to Iran’s nuclear bomb ambition.  We would also like to believe that Iran would stop sponsoring state terror, and the imprisonment of people because of their religious beliefs.  But the reality is not so.

 Iran has openly stated and repeated its intended goal of acquiring a nuclear bomb far to many times for us to just forget about it.  This is a country that uses force on its people to stay in power, and oppresses anybody who they view as a threat.  Is this the type of regime that we should be trusting?  Lets not forget, that estimates put it between six months to even shorter periods till it has the capability to build a bomb, then what?

So the world lifts the sanction, Iran goes on a shopping spree, brings in all it needs to last for a few months, warehouse everything, and then they thumb their nose again at the international community, knowing sanctions are coming, but this time they have stocked up and are prepared.  When the sanctions hit they are now able to weather the storm, but only this time in the next approach by the international community it will be to late, as Iran will have the bomb.  

Sound far-fetched, maybe, but remember history and Chamberlains deal with Nazi Germany. 

There is nothing wrong with lifting sanction, but the world community should have done like it did with Syria.  Turn over all nuclear product, that are of weapons grade, and the sanctions are lifted.  Simple.  To do less is borrowed time.