VIOLENT SEX OFFENDER and Corrections Canada.

by prforcanadians

The above news article taken from today’s Kingston Whig Standard, is a prime example of an individual who should never be in a Community Correctional Centre (CCC), but somehow ended up there.  The article describes this individual as “living off and on at the Portsmouth Community Correctional Centre for 5 years.

How does one spend 5 years living on and off at a CCC, well its like this?   The individual might be released on Statutory Release (SR) or SR with residency to a CCC or was out on the street on Long term Supervision Order (LTSO) and violated the conditions of their release. From there they are returned to prison till the Parole Board reviews their case. They are either ordered revoked or released back on SR. The problem with this is two-fold.  In the first place you have an individual that is to much of a risk to be freely released into society that they require extra conditions, and secondly they are being placed in a facility that has absolutely no Correctional Officers to oversee them or static security to maintain them, rather all that is there is a contracted security group, which by the way  has to be the cheapest bidder.  Felling safe now?

Statutory Release should be a one shot deal. If you mess up, back you go till your time is done, not the revolving door that it currently is.

I would encourage everyone to read the attached article, and you decide if this individual deserves the right to be in a CCC or is better suited for a real prison with walls and Correctional Officers.  Also remember the individual is described as in 1997 as sexually assaulting an intoxicated and unconscious women and then in 1999 he attacked a 50 year old homeless women, beating her and raping her.