Sex Offenders beyond the watchful eyes of Correctional Officers.

by prforcanadians

How safe is our communities, when Community Correctional Centers (CCC), have absolutely no Corrections Canada (CSC) employees, specifically Correctional Officers, working in these facilities after 4 pm daily?  Now remember, CSC stated that 25% of the population in CCC facilities are sex offenders.

Now lets look ahead to the end of 2014, when CSC will be closing its Hamilton CCC, an internal message not yet released to the Canadian public says.  The impact that this will have on other facilities is that they will have to pick up the bed numbers, thus meaning more sex offenders in local CCC without proper security.

Is this something we should be worried about?  You bet.  The reality is that Correctional Officers are held to a higher standard then any contracted security company will be.  Correctional Officers are specifically trained, have more authority over inmates, are federal peace officers, and are specifically trained to deal with federal offenders. Their duties are based on public security, not dollars. Private security companies are in business to make money, this is their bottom line.  No private security company is equal to Federal Correctional Officers in their powers, training, or mandate.

Putting it all together spells danger for the Canadian public.  More sex offenders in local communities, and no security to watch over them, a dangerous mix.  It is time to rethink the release of sex offenders into CCC, since they are still at risk to reoffend as they are not cured, and keep them behind the walls of a prison, not in a motel like setting.