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Month: November, 2013

Rushing to the table.

If sanctions described as crippling could not slow down the Iranian rush for the bomb, what makes anyone think that a negotiated deal will? 

Lets remember that while under international sanctions, Iran was able to carry on massive military maneuvers, threaten to close the Straight of Hormuz, continued to build new missile technology, build new naval boats, build drones, threaten Israel and continue to build on its nuclear bomb technology. How crippling could the sanctions have been?

My theory is that the sanctions were a failure.  The international community frustrated by Iran and worried about Israel’s promise to “go it alone,” decided to try a new strategy. Rushing to the negotiation table, they laid out all kinds of offerings.  Iran having nothing to lose, attended the meetings, took whatever was offered, gave little in return, and at the same time continues on its quest for the bomb. All the while beating down the clock.

Unfortunately this has done nothing to reduce Iran’s chances at getting the bomb.  Sincerity on Iran’s part, would have had them turning over all enriched material, beyond what is need for peaceful purposes, to a third party country. They did not, and have no intentions of doing so.

Iran’s quest for the bomb will now be accelerated; as it knows the international community is running out of options. I think we all know how this will end.

Iran argues the deal

The ink has not even dried on the nuclear deal, and Iran is already at odds with the meaning of the deal.  For Iran they claim the deal is a validation of their right to acquire nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.  The United States, does not appear to support this claim.

So why is Iran doing this?  Simply put, Iran wants the bomb. Iran will manipulate every situation it can so as to run down the clock and inch closer to the bomb.  Just as North Korea was successful at this game, so too will be Iran, if we are not careful.  How many times did the international community waived sanctions on North Korea, only to have them return to their nuclear ambitions?

If sanctions were having the effect of crippling Iran, they would have gladly returned to the international community, dropping their nuclear ambition.  Iran was not crippled and only expedited their nuclear ambition. As for building nuclear sites for peaceful purposes, Iran could have agreed to have a neutral country remove all weapons grade material that the peaceful reactors create.  But they want the bomb.

All evidence indicates that Iran will continue on its quest for the bomb.  A more appropriate action would have been to impose the same conditions on Iran as the world did on Syria.  Turn over all weapons grade material or the sanctions stay and get turned up.  One way or another, the world will have to deal with either a nuclear Iran or pre-nuclear bomb Iran.

A Nuclear deal, or borrowed time?

The world would like to believe that the deal brokered, would put an end to Iran’s nuclear bomb ambition.  We would also like to believe that Iran would stop sponsoring state terror, and the imprisonment of people because of their religious beliefs.  But the reality is not so.

 Iran has openly stated and repeated its intended goal of acquiring a nuclear bomb far to many times for us to just forget about it.  This is a country that uses force on its people to stay in power, and oppresses anybody who they view as a threat.  Is this the type of regime that we should be trusting?  Lets not forget, that estimates put it between six months to even shorter periods till it has the capability to build a bomb, then what?

So the world lifts the sanction, Iran goes on a shopping spree, brings in all it needs to last for a few months, warehouse everything, and then they thumb their nose again at the international community, knowing sanctions are coming, but this time they have stocked up and are prepared.  When the sanctions hit they are now able to weather the storm, but only this time in the next approach by the international community it will be to late, as Iran will have the bomb.  

Sound far-fetched, maybe, but remember history and Chamberlains deal with Nazi Germany. 

There is nothing wrong with lifting sanction, but the world community should have done like it did with Syria.  Turn over all nuclear product, that are of weapons grade, and the sanctions are lifted.  Simple.  To do less is borrowed time.

Sex Offenders

The following news link speaks to the current police operation on sex crimes against children.  Of interest is the occupation of some of these people involved in sex crimes.  As I have blog about previously, what make sex offenders especially dangerous is that some of them are educated and from positions of authority.   There is no socio-economic reason for the crimes.  These are just evil people who are more concerned with their own gratification at all cost.  Great work  by the many police departments involved.

Once these people are convicted by a court, they belong in a prison till warrant expire, then a dangerous offender tag applied to them for life.  After all they had no worries about ruining the lives of kids, only wanting to please their own desires.



Statutory Release problems and sex offenders.

When an inmate is released on Statutory Release (SR), there are always conditions that are set for them to meet.  Inmates, who are a continual danger such as sex offenders, have the added condition of residency imposed upon them, possibly with Long Term Supervision Orders (LTSO), which are imposed by the courts for a period the courts determines.  Occasionally they will even go to halfway houses, which are not run by Corrections Canada 

But what happens when the inmates does not follow their SR conditions or LTSO conditions.  At that point there is either a suspension warrant issued, or the police already picked up the inmate because they committed a crime.

Once the Parole Board is informed of the inmate’s suspension and incarceration, the Parole Board of Canada reviews the file in what is termed as a Paper Decision.  This involves only looking at information on file and not meeting with the inmate.  The choice the Parole board will then make is to either revoke them or they will cancel the suspension and the inmate is then back out on SR.

As for the inmates who have their SR revoked, they go back to prison till their next SR date, and then they get to do it all over again.  The inmate on LTSO, follows the same procedure with the added exception that they have conditions set for a period of time after their warrant expire.

While common sense would suggest that if you are released from prison with conditions and you violate it, back to prison you go till your time is up.  But that is not the case.  The repeated chances they are given makes you wonder what accountability is there for them to really conform to societies ways?  Remember this rule even applies to sex offenders who are out there.  Disgusted, we should all be?  If released on SR and any inmate’s messes up, they should automatically be returned to prison to finish the rest of their sentence, and by that I mean not to a halfway house, CCC or camp, rather returned to a prison.  Time to make inmates accountable and protect societies and our vulnerable ones.

VIOLENT SEX OFFENDER and Corrections Canada.


The above news article taken from today’s Kingston Whig Standard, is a prime example of an individual who should never be in a Community Correctional Centre (CCC), but somehow ended up there.  The article describes this individual as “living off and on at the Portsmouth Community Correctional Centre for 5 years.

How does one spend 5 years living on and off at a CCC, well its like this?   The individual might be released on Statutory Release (SR) or SR with residency to a CCC or was out on the street on Long term Supervision Order (LTSO) and violated the conditions of their release. From there they are returned to prison till the Parole Board reviews their case. They are either ordered revoked or released back on SR. The problem with this is two-fold.  In the first place you have an individual that is to much of a risk to be freely released into society that they require extra conditions, and secondly they are being placed in a facility that has absolutely no Correctional Officers to oversee them or static security to maintain them, rather all that is there is a contracted security group, which by the way  has to be the cheapest bidder.  Felling safe now?

Statutory Release should be a one shot deal. If you mess up, back you go till your time is done, not the revolving door that it currently is.

I would encourage everyone to read the attached article, and you decide if this individual deserves the right to be in a CCC or is better suited for a real prison with walls and Correctional Officers.  Also remember the individual is described as in 1997 as sexually assaulting an intoxicated and unconscious women and then in 1999 he attacked a 50 year old homeless women, beating her and raping her.

Sex Offenders beyond the watchful eyes of Correctional Officers.

How safe is our communities, when Community Correctional Centers (CCC), have absolutely no Corrections Canada (CSC) employees, specifically Correctional Officers, working in these facilities after 4 pm daily?  Now remember, CSC stated that 25% of the population in CCC facilities are sex offenders.

Now lets look ahead to the end of 2014, when CSC will be closing its Hamilton CCC, an internal message not yet released to the Canadian public says.  The impact that this will have on other facilities is that they will have to pick up the bed numbers, thus meaning more sex offenders in local CCC without proper security.

Is this something we should be worried about?  You bet.  The reality is that Correctional Officers are held to a higher standard then any contracted security company will be.  Correctional Officers are specifically trained, have more authority over inmates, are federal peace officers, and are specifically trained to deal with federal offenders. Their duties are based on public security, not dollars. Private security companies are in business to make money, this is their bottom line.  No private security company is equal to Federal Correctional Officers in their powers, training, or mandate.

Putting it all together spells danger for the Canadian public.  More sex offenders in local communities, and no security to watch over them, a dangerous mix.  It is time to rethink the release of sex offenders into CCC, since they are still at risk to reoffend as they are not cured, and keep them behind the walls of a prison, not in a motel like setting.