Criminals Voting in Federal Elections.

Unfortunately in Canada, the rights of criminals sentenced to federal prison are really not curtailed, as one would expect.  Lets look at the most elementary of democratic rights, the right to vote.  While most Canadians would assume that once you have crossed the line far enough to earn a federal prison sentence, that the wheels of justice would now set down your future, with restrictions, clearly indicating society displeasure with you. After all they have shown society that they do not care about its rules and what it means to be a responsible person, so why enjoy what we enjoy.  Remember that even the most despicable of human beings, a child rapist and murder, are today allowed the same basic right to vote that the rest of us, who live a law-abiding life receive.

Is there something wrong with this picture? There has to be a level that once crossed, society says enough and it starts to impose more drastic restriction upon you.  I am not talking about those sentenced to provincial time, 2 years less a day, but rather those who have graduated to the big league and now are doing federal time. If you can’t live in society as the rest of us do, then why should you have a say in how society runs, via voting.  Its time to end the vote for federal criminals.