Sex Offender Programming

by prforcanadians

The attached link is from the Correctional Service of Canada’s web site, Correctional Program department, and is about sex offender programming provided by CSC.

After reading the program description, decide for yourself, if after a sex offender takes this course, would you feel comfortable with them moving into your community without added protection, or is the program enough to make you feel safe.  Also consider that when one of these sex offenders who has taken the program, escapes, or does not report to his community parole officer, the Police in the community always lists them as dangerous.  Never do they say, “Don’t worry they took a sex offender program.”

Of interest is that the program is divided into intensity levels of High, Moderate of Low intensity, and lets not forget about the maintenance program that is often suggsted. I for one do not fell that any convicted sex offender, still under sentence, has any place in the community until warrant expire, and then they need to be placed on a trackable database, for all to monitor.  Right now they are in our community, attending community events, and there is very little monitoring on them.  The focus appears to be on the rights of the sex offender and not on the rights of the most vulnerable members of society.

Again review this material and you decide.