Sex Offenders in public contact

by prforcanadians

Are sex offenders in Community Correctional Centers (CCC), who attend public gyms a public relations nightmare for Corrections Canada (CSC)?  The answer is potentially.  I say potentially because if after raising this question to CSC, as I did, and a sex offender was to sexually assault a vulnerable member of society at the gym or on the way to or from the gym, it would be inexcusable.  This is a worst-case scenario for public relations, but to hold on to the hope that it has never happened before, so it will possibly never happen, is Russian roulette, a game society does not want to play.

A good public relations move would be to investigate, and if found that they are using community gyms, to end this practice.  Being proactive is something society can appreciate, and it shows an evolving process to make society safer.

Why I bring this up is because while I have previously blogged on this issue, I have also copied my blog to CSC, sent e-mail asking this question, and encouraged CSC senior managers to engage in my blog, as it educates society.  I have yet to receive an acknowledgement that my e-mail has been received, although it was 4 working days ago. I do not expect an answer to my question but a receipt for a message received on such a sensitive issue is not too much to ask and is appropriate. Consider that this department has media staff to monitor and respond to these types of potentially explosive messages. Further something of this nature would require a brief prepared for the minister by the Parliamentary Relations Officers in the department, in the event that the Minister was questioned on this matter, so why no response?  Remember I explained that the CSC member I spoke to at National Headquarters told me that they did not have this information and it would take time and money to find out the answer.  Also I overheard a conversation where it stated that this is going on.

Anyhow this is not a subject that will disappear, and I will pursue till a response is delivered.  Those of us in society who can, have to act for those that cannot.  We need to protect the vulnerable members of society.