Sex offenders in Community Correctional Centres (CCC) with access to community gyms

by prforcanadians

As stated in my previous blog, I submitted an access to information to Corrections Canada to find out the percentage of sex offenders in CCC’s, and how many of them have access to gyms in the community, walk by schools to get to these gyms and gyms that have a daycare at them.  

This morning I received a call from Corrections Canada.  The first thing I was reminded about was the $5.00 fee for my request to be processed, which I informed the individual it was in the mail with the original request form.  The next part is more troubling, the Corrections Canada rep told me that the only way they could find out the information about sex offenders going to community gyms, would be to have those sex offenders in CCC’s files reviewed. He wanted to advise me that this would take lots of time to find out and would be very expensive for me. I was glad he called to inform me of this information, as it could get very expensive.

The message I get out of Corrections Canada’s response is that they do not know and would have to investigate to find out.  As a parent and community member this does not sit well with me.  I expected 100% compliance on issues that affect vulnerable members of society, but right now I am not sure what percentage of compliance there is.  But can there be another reason for the response.  It is very possible that this has never been thought about before.  Maybe Corrections Canada simply overlooked the issue of sex offender going to these areas were vulnerable member of society often go. After all it is a big organization, and dealing with sex offenders is a complicated issue.  

So how do we address the issue.  In the first place the protection of vulnerable members of society is the priority.  If Corrections Canada has not thought of this before, then we need to ask them the question, and if it is overlooked, we have to have it addressed.  After all it is about the protection of vulnerable members of society.  So to find out the answer I will e-mail a copy of this blog to the commissioner of Corrections Canada as well as other senior members and ask them the question.  I will relay their response when I receive it, and if it is something that is a new issue, then I know they will fix it.  

Stay tuned, but once again this is another example of why we need to have electronic monitoring on all sex offenders.